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Rodney Egizii

Rodney Egizii
Rodney Egizii

The Tega Team

Office Phone: (217) 787-7000
Cell Phone: (217) 836-4000
The Real Estate Group Office
3701 W Wabash Ave
Springfield, IL 62711

 Rodney W. Egizii
3701 Wabash, Ave Springfield, IL 62711 ¨ 217-836-4000 ¨ ¨

Real Estate Sales>Property Management>Business Professional>Construction¨

1988 BS Regis University
1999 MBA University of Illinois Executive program
2006 Graduate of The Real Estate Institute
Professional Licenses:
Illinois Real Estate Broker: 2004 to Present
Illinois Insurance Producer: 2006 to Present
Commercial, Multi Engine, Instrument, Airplane Pilot: 1998 to Present
1988---2004 EEI Holding Corporation
 1994 ---1998 Vice President
 1994—2004 Trustee, Corporation Retirement & Profit Sharing Plan
  1998---2004 President
Roles included the management of all aspects of Electrical, Mechanical, and General Construction ranging from personnel, to sales, to negotiating wage packages with multiple trade labor unions.  Administrative responsibilities included evaluation and purchase of multiple accounting, estimating, and telephone systems. Rolling stock routinely exceeded 350 vehicles and required the management of maintenance and replacement of entire fleet regularly. A significant component of my duties was risk management. Workers compensation accounted for nearly $2,000,000 in annual expenses when I became President. Upon my departure, premiums decreased to $600,000 while revenues increased from $37mil to $117 million.
  Company grew from $37million to $117million in annual sales while I was President and the company expanded from one state of operations to five and from 3 offices to 12. Full time employees under my supervision ranged from 600---2,000 depending on construction cycles.
Last held industry position representing the company: Chairman, National Electrical Contractors Association, Springfield, IL division
2004---2008 Aspen Real Estate, Inc.
2004—2008 Founder/CEO
This company was a “start-up” and grew to become the 3rd largest Real Estate company in our market in 3 years. Agent count grew from 1 to 85 during that time and sales exceeded $125 million
During this time I was asked to join an effort developed by a local Chamber of Commerce called “The Q-5 Initiative”. Our duties included the attraction and retention of businesses in that community. I was appointed to the “Strategic Planning” team and was instrumental in attracting all local labor unions to join the Chamber in Its efforts.
Last held industry position representing the company: Chairman, Multiple Listing Service, Capitol Area Association of Realtors
2009---Present The Real Estate Group, Inc.
2009---2010 CEO
                Upon structuring a successful merger between my Aspen Real Estate Company and the much  larger Real Estate Group, Inc., I assumed the responsibility of CEO. The first order of business was to create a Strategic Planning Committee which I chaired. We developed several short and    long-term objectives which have been implemented and have exceeded our success goals. The most important initial objective was to insure a smooth transition while acknowledging a vastly different culture within the two companies. The company now enjoys the number 1 ranking in overall sales in Its market.
 2011---Present: Partner
                                Upon successfully achieving all desired initiatives within our Strategic Plan 3 years ahead of my 5 year goal, I was able to step down from the day-to-day management responsibilities and pursue my interests in representing Real Estate Buyers and Sellers.  I proudly remain a partner of The Real Estate Group, Inc.
Business Development:
·         Held multiple Director positions on Boards of several companies listed below
·         Developed Businesses & property investment partnerships:
·         Business Mergers and Acquisitions:
·                         Power Maintenance & Constructors: Annual sales >$100mil
·                         Purchased Verizon Cell service provider: Annual sales >$2mil
·                         BRH Builders, Inc (Industrial and Commercial Construction): Annual sales>$60mil
·                         Golden Electrical Contractors: Annual sales >$5mil
·                         Lamons Electric: Annual sales >$4mil
·                         Olson Electric: Annual sales >$15mil
·                         Egizii Property Managers, LLC: Annual sales >$1mil
·                         Participated in Initial Public Offering merging five Electrical Contractors which included interviews with 4 Wall Street Financial companies: Annual sales                >$600mil
·                         Cornerstone Title Insurance Group, LLC: Annual sales >$10mil
·                         The Group Insurance Agency: Annual sales >$2mil
·                         Aspen Insurance Agency: Annual sales >$1mil
·                         Aspen Auction Company: Annual sales >$4mil
·                         Property Investment Groups:
·         Knowledgeable regarding Tax Increment Financing & Enterprise Zones. Many companies/partnerships listed below participate in one or both.
·         Property Development businesses: Rocky Mountain Development, LLC, Prairie Property, LLC, 5th Street Partners, MacArthur Property Managers, Pinnacle LTD Partners, Bell LLC, Egizii Family LMT Partnership, Clubhouse Partners, LLC.
 The primary purpose of each of the Investment groups was to buy or develop, and hold and manage, real estate investments ranging from Hotels to Commercial Property.  Investments currently exceed 2,000,000 square feet.
Personal: Married, four children. Lead an active lifestyle and enjoy skiing, cycling, hunting, & fishing.